Dr. Martin Wilner

My wife, Linda, and I, together with many other dear friends thoroughly enjoyed an evening of wonderful George Gershwin and and Cole Porter songs as played and sung by the great composer, singer and songwriter, Larry White. The entire evening venue was superb including the intimate setting, the delicious dinners and, most of all, Larry's amazing and so talented musical presentation of songs and history of the two noted world famous composers.  It was an evening that will Linda and I will always fondly remember and cherish.  It reminded us so much of a time of great love and happiness   as we couldn't help quietly singing sing along with Larry.  The musicians who accompanied Larry were also outstanding and only added beauty to Larry's magical piano playing.  We can't thank Margaret, Larry's exceptionally talented, hard-working and creative wife for inviting us to this amazing event.  It will go down as one of the most enjoyable musical shows we have ever attended, but, it didn't really surprise us as the entertainer was  the extraordinary Larry White


Ron Snyder, Attorney

GM Margaret-  I want to congratulate you on last evening's event!  Kim, Sterling, our guests, Evan and Layla, and I thoroughly enjoyed the venue, the people, the dinner and, of course, the entertainment.  Your theme for the evening and attention to detail was impeccable and resulted in a fun and elegant production.  And, I particularly enjoyed Larry's musical anthology of Cole Porter and George Gershwin - 2 of the 20th Century's most prolific and profound composers and songwriters.  Larry and his bandmates did a masterful job of sharing their work along with artful storytelling.  Kudos to your husband and please tell him how much I enjoyed his performance.  Bravo!  And, thank you for inviting us.  Best, -Ron


Dr. Tamara Beeghly

I want to come every chance we have. We love it. It feels so classy. We were lucky to experience beautiful music, shows and ambiance from the "old Vegas" and other places. We are losing that, unfortunately. What you guys present is unique in today's market. Surely a real class act!!


Patricia Brinkley, Attorney

Good morning, Margaret!  We enjoyed ourselves.  Finally getting to meet Larry, was the cherry on top!  He is fantastic!  Thank you!

Charlene Sher

We loved it   Thank you for including us!




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